As the project manager in charge of training, I chose Kat and her company as the vendor to deliver the much-needed training. The challenge; provide statewide training for 600 technicians in two months on the computer installation of our newly product. During post training Kat’s company was also to provide technical support for our newly trained technicians, which she did. I’ve never hesitated to recommend her to any of her potential clients since that time. Kat’s team delivered the training, meeting all timelines and curriculum goals. The training was well received and the AT&T launch and implementation were a success. Kim’s computer expertise, training and curriculum development skills and her ability to motivate are a few more reasons I don’t hesitate to recommend her. ~ Randy Tilman

I have worked with Kat and have learned so much She has amazing ideas. She cares about my success and has given me information and techniques that have served me beyond my expectation. Working with Kat has given me the tools and processes to help me expand my business and revenue. Due to her training and support, I feel I am a greater value to my clients and the services I provide. ~ Chrisann S. Coustenis

I have known Kat where she worked with, and for me within CompUSA technology Training. She she was promoted from Instructor, to Training Manager, to a National Trainer for “High-End” corporate accounts; as a minimum. Kim was responsible for working directly with customers in performing classroom delivery of computer applications, high-end network training courses, and a number of additional responsibilities that including but not limited to: coordinating and managing activities such as project management, curriculum development, overseeing profit loss statements, managing resources, and developing overseeing training programs, projects and procedure. She was also responsible for operational success of the technology training center (from sales to delivery of services). In my opinion, Kim is a very credible, reliable, and a goal-oriented team player, I highly recommend her wholeheartedly. ~ Arnold McClain

Kat Shepherd was my instructor in Communications and Social Media Marketing. She has an amazing mastery of the vast intertwined social media techniques. I am looking forward to using all of these techniques in the social media strategy for the Historic Hemet Theatre. ~ Susan Carrier

Kim Kat Shepherd

Social Media Instructor

Kim Kat Shepherd | Instructor - Social Media
Kim “Kat” Shepherd is a traveler, entrepreneur, and business skills trainer. She currently teaches business and computer courses privately and at UCR Extension. Kat also has served and traveled as an Aeromedical Trainer in the United States Air Force. Her hobbies include video and film production